Our people are your people. The Effective Perspective team are an ever growing network of professionals who can actually achieve what they promise. We match the skills and personalities to get done what you need in the way you need it done. We are business owners helping other business owners to achieve the results they desire.



adrianMy first business was in 1984 when I was a fourth former at Westlake Boys High School. The Crown Lynn Crockery Company was closing so I bought up a full table setting for 140 people including dinner plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers – as you do when you’re a school boy! I hired them out for funerals, school events and the local theatre company. Made a bomb and it beat mowing lawns! I moved on from there to set up a carpet cleaning company to pay my way through university. To be honest, the business went better than the university so I bought the company that manufactured the machines and chemicals we used. From there, I developed the world’s first computerised carpet cleaning machine with more than 25 units pre-sold for export before it was even built.

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tanya-le-fleming-burrowTanya really is an “Accounts Untangler“. Here to save you a significant amount of time, stress and money by helping set the records straight – so to speak! An incredibly smart lady with a depth of knowledge gained from small business to medium business to corporate, HR to property management, but her passion is with accounts and getting them right. Whether you have a shoe box full of receipts, or an accounting system full of “gobbledygook“, Tanya will fix it. But more than that, she will inject common sense into accounting (yes you read that right). “Record everything but only report on what is useful” is her motto. Tanya can set up a proper accounting system and run it for you or train your people.

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alli-munt-picAlli is a Manager of things and people. A do-er in the workplace and a business brain to be reckoned with. Alli sees logic where most of us see regulation, paperwork, and beaurocracy. A strategic planning genius, one meeting with Alli can result in an entire wall chart by which to plan your business growth plans and regulatory requirements. Alli makes the complex simple by drilling down to find the reality in the rhetoric. Matters that mystified you for years can be clarified in minutes with Alli’s passion for mapping stuff out. Then she’ll help you get onto it.

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mauricioWell versed in techno “gobbledygook“, Mauricio can take the scary out of bringing your company’s technology into the 2020’s. A very accomplished project and operations manager, Mauricio started out in industrial automation (Robotics) spending much of his working life in various parts of the globe including UK, USA, China, Singapore, India, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, including New Zealand.

Where things get interesting is where Techno meets Management. Through a broad range of senior roles in corporate and start-ups, Mauricio has gained the type of experience that is useful to most but gained by few. Whether you need an Interim General Manager to fill in for a short time or a Mentor who thinks like one, Mauricio brings with him a particular set of skills. When it comes to techno problems … he will find them, and he will kill them!

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If you have solid business experience and would like to join a fun team of entrepreneurs to assist others to grow their business, we would like to hear from you. We believe business owners, people who have spent their own money and mortgaged their family home to fulfil their business dreams have a lot to share with others. You will likely have a different perspective on business. With our consultant training and mentoring, we can turn that into an Effective Perspective!

Our philosophy is “it is cheapest to learn from other peoples mistakes.” To qualify you to be an Effective Perspective Consultant you must have made a few mistakes yourself, have learnt from them and be willing to share so others avoid them. We like real people with real life experiences.
You will need to have a diverse skill set but ideally, specialise in a key area of business so our other consultants and clients can draw on your expert advice. You may still be working in your own business or have a business that offer expert business services. The key thing is you need to know how to get the best out of people and be prepared to work with them to reach their goals. If this sounds like you, we would be pleased to have a chat.


If you believe that you can contribute, please complete the CONTACT form.