alli-munt-picAlli is a Manager of things and people. A do-er in the workplace and a business brain to be reckoned with. Alli sees logic where most of us see regulation, paperwork, and beaurocracy. A strategic planning genius, one meeting with Alli can result in an entire wall chart by which to plan your business growth plans and regulatory requirements. Alli makes the complex simple by drilling down to find the reality in the rhetoric. Matters that mystified you for years can be clarified in minutes with Alli’s passion for mapping stuff out. Then she’ll help you get onto it.

Alli is very experienced in leading teams of people, particularly the troublesome ones. With a calm, considered and well-documented approach, Alli can help navigate the treacherous waters of teams with too many “I’s” in them. Her roles in the past have also entailed successfully lobbying governments for change, being on advisory panels for community groups, universities, and government departments. This is the result of years of experience in the education sector, Not-For-Profit organisations and as a business owner.

Bid writing, RFP’s and all that horrible stuff are like fuel for Alli’s fire. Her professional approach is thorough and can help you understand your own propositions better.

Once a Gymnast Alli, or Allison as she was in those days, learnt balance. This has carried through into her work practice, as has juggling. Capable of simultaneously focusing on numerous issues without dropping the ball on any of them, Alli, or Allison if you prefer, keeps a balanced and considered view on your business. The news may not always be that rosy, but the advice is always good.