Most consulting firms give cast iron warranties involving multiple increases of measurable things no one quite understands conditional on things you don’t have control of.  With Effective Perspective no such guarantees exist.

We will not guarantee any particular outcome, we won’t even promise any improvement or growth. We Offer Better Than That.

If you don’t like us – Fire us!….. and we will show you how to do that too!
If we don’t do what we say – you can hold us to account.
If you feel you have over paid for what we have done – Don’t pay us.

We are with you every step of the way on this journey so we anticipate any issues along the way will be communicated. Let’s just agree now to be upfront with each other and work towards a common goal. As long as we are doing for you what you need of us, you agree to pay the agreed rate. If this ceases to happen, hang on to your cash and give us the flick.