This is our most popular service. When you own a business, you often need a sounding board for ideas and challenges. The Monthly Coffee matches you with an experienced business owner that can listen, learn, mentor and help you nut things out for yourself. Their role is to ask the difficult questions and extend your thinking. Together you will develop a plan, then, if needed, we will jump in and help you do what needs doing. It works much like a board meeting without the stress. We will review and monitor all the business vital signs, discuss the month’s performance and plan the next one. Challenges you face will be discussed in confidence with your fellow Business Consultant -A fellow business owner who understands your business.

Our clients find this monthly mentoring uncovers issues they had perhaps put aside or never thought of. It allows a free exchange of ideas to identify new opportunities, see growth potential or to simply vent your frustration. As a business coach, we can help you improve on areas of weakness to refine your skills to ensure you are keeping up with the market. We can also motivate you to be your best by keeping you on track and accountable.

By meeting monthly to review your business, in much the way a Board of Directors would in corporate land, You will quickly see a massive difference in the way you do business. You will feel fully informed on all aspects of your business and you will know where your focus needs to be in the coming month. Your business will continuously improve in every way while you will feel supported in the decisions you make. Of course, it’s no picnic. There will be hard stuff too. You may find the path you are on leads to nowhere or you may discover a new path altogether. The one thing that is certain to the power of two. A problem shared is a problem halved – and all those other corny things your mother used to say.
When you gain an effective perspective of your business, you will thrive. We are here to help. We are here to get things done. Together we will take your business to the next level and beyond.

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