tanya-le-fleming-burrowTanya really is an “Accounts Untangler”. Here to save you a significant amount of time, stress and money by helping set the records straight – so to speak! An incredibly smart lady with a depth of knowledge gained from small business to medium business to corporate, HR to property management, but her passion is with accounts and getting them right. Whether you have a shoe box full of receipts, or an accounting system full of “gobbledygook”, Tanya will fix it. But more than that, she will inject common sense into accounting (yes you read that right). “Record everything but only report on what is useful” is her motto. Tanya can set up a proper accounting system and run it for you or train your people.

So compliance is one thing, but Tanya’s speciality is making your accounts and office systems work for you. A well designed administrative system and policies means you have the time and focus to get on with business.

Tanya has owned businesses and understands that every dollar needs to earn you another one. By organising your company and putting in place systems that work, your stress level goes down, productivity goes up, everyone is happy and you earn more.

In addition to accounts, Tanya can assist with so much more with her experience in Marketing, Sales, Human Resource Management, Operations, Cost Analysis, Copy Writing and Communication. …. And she’s fast.